In the beginning of the year I was approached by Sony and asked to do a talk on their stage at the Photography Show in Birmingham. Without taking a second to think about it, I agreed and then started my month long journey of worrying about what to give my talk on.

The Photography Show is a huge event taking place at the NEC in Birmingham in its fifth year, between 17-20 March 2018. This thing is like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, but for photographers and videographers, and instead of chocolate, (you guessed it) there’s camera gear! Including the latest technology from all the leading brands, demos of the latest kit, conference sessions and a complete range of talks and seminars for anyone who’s ever picked up a camera – amateur or pro. I’d never been to this event before, but when I got there, my jaw dropped at the amount of geeky stuff that was on show and all the amazing talks that were taking place.

Agnes Wedding Films at The Photography Show, Sony stage


So I sat down and started to think what exactly I could do my presentation on. I’ve been in the wedding videography industry for 6 years now and there are so many aspects of the job that I find fascinating and could talk about for hours. The techy side of it –  what equipment I use, how and why and what settings, pros and cons etc. What I edit on, my workflow, my timelines. How to run a videography business and juggle the filming, editing, social media, admin, accounts and life. But what it all came down to, what is actually the most important aspect of the job for me is the people that I’m filming and telling their stories in a genuine way (however soppy that may sound). Since I filmed my first ever wedding video I’ve changed my equipment, my style of editing, my business skills, but the thing that’s always stayed the same is my approach to telling people’s stories.

Agnes Wedding Films at The Photography Show, Sony stage

And this is mainly what my talk is about. My journey as a wedding videographer – from childhood, to uni, to my first ever wedding film and then getting where I am today. Having a career as a photographer or a videographer is rarely a straightforward path. It’s not like being a doctor or a lawyer, where after getting your degrees you go straight into doing your job. I love hearing people’s stories of how life brought them to pick up a camera and follow their dreams, and I figured people might enjoy my story too. I was actually really pleasantly surprised when after my talks, a lot of young filmmakers came up to me and said “that’s so weird, everything you said I’ve gone through myself!”.

Agnes Wedding Films at The Photography Show, Sony stage

Just like any other industry, it can get pretty competitive being a videographer, but I’ve always stood by the notion that we have to support each other as artists and learn from one another to grow and get better. There are enough weddings to go around, and if I can inspire or teach something to one person out there hoping to become a filmmaker – I’ve done my job.

I have to give a quick shout out to Simona, James and Ray from Sony for being so lovely to work with. To Dan Chung from Atomos for recommending me. To Emma Wilson, Nicole and all the lovely girls from the Female Film Creatives group, you are all the epitome of girl love. And to my boyfriend Jordan who listened to my speech 100 times, helped take out all the waffling and didn’t complain once. *Oscar music plays me off stage*

My Journey as a Wedding Videographer

My Equipment

Sony a7sii

Sony a6300

Sony 50mm f/1.8

Sony 10-18mm f/4

Samyang 85mm f/1.4

Sirui Monopod

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