Emma and Jack met on a night out. As he flung her into a shopping trolley and sent her flying down the hill like a ragdoll, their romance flourished and eventually led them to this beautiful summers day – their wedding day.

I was thrilled to do their wedding videography as I absolutely love personal weddings, and this is exactly the day that Emma and Jack had! The service was held at their local church in Redgrave, Suffolk, where Emma’s parents and grandparents were wed. The church had since closed down and was no longer open for wedding ceremonies, however they pulled some strings and got them to open up the church just for them!


After the beautiful ceremony, Emma and Jack got in their open roof car to drive back to the family home – Broomhills Farm, where Emma grew up, for their reception. As if on cue, as soon as they got in the car, the heavens opened and it started pouring with rain! As I was following them in my car, I could see Jack opening up and umbrella and the two of them looked absolutely adorable in their vintage car in the rain. It’s moments like these I wish I had Google Glasses to capture memories whilst still being able to drive like a responsible adult 🙂




Thankfully when we got to the reception, the rain subsided, Emma dried her hair off and everyone was able to enjoy the rest of the wedding in full sunshine. So a quick tip if you’re worried about rain on your wedding day – as long as you have a hairdryer handy everything will be okay! I have filmed plenty of weddings where it has rained, but the sun always seems to come out at some point. And as long as the bride and groom stay happy, the wedding party goes on and everyone has a fantastic time. And looking back at the video, you can’t even tell that it had rained at all!


The Suppliers

On the day I had the pleasure of working with two very talented and very lovely photographers – Deborah Panes and Amy Sanders. They were both so down to earth and easy to work with, I’d recommend them anytime for their wedding photography skills and personalities!

Emma’s dad actually runs a marquee rental business called Great Events so of course he went all out in creating the most beautiful wedding reception for his little girl. I don’t think I’d ever seen a prettier and more classy wedding marquee. Decorated with fairy lights and real flowers it was absolutely stunning! The whole thing was set up in their garden and was made up of 4 connected parts – The dining area, the bar, the dance floor and a little chill out area with sofas and cushions.

And speaking of family members as suppliers, the fabulous wedding cake and sweet table was made by Emma’s little sister Poppy! She bakes cakes for all kinds of celebrations and you can find her here – The Hazelbury Kitchen. I’m actually filming her wedding next year and am really excited to see them all again!



The Wedding Video

When it came to editing Emma and Jack’s wedding film, I was really inspired by their family home in the countryside and the wonderful nostalgic stories told during the speeches, that I wanted to make their video reminiscent of a good old fashioned film. Almost a period piece at times. I had great fun with it and am really pleased with the result.

And here is what Emma and Jack had to say upon receiving their film:

Wowee! This is absolutely amazing! We really, really love it. You have done such an incredible job, and have so much talent as a videographer. Thank you. It really is the perfect film to remember our wedding, with a great beginning (at Broomhills), an emotional, serene and sincere middle (at St Mary’s church) & a fantastic end (reception back at Broomhills)! It honestly has made us laugh and cry! Thank you. We are particularly impressed with the scope of people you have captured, & all showing such a lovely array of emotions – it is lovely to see all of this, especially people in the congregation at church, as we missed this on the day (obviously, saying our vows!!) and so the video not only allows us to re-live the day, but adds to it as well! Thank you. The comic timing with the last song is absolutely BRILLIANT, especially the swing bit(!!!) & the sped up shots of the yummy food, all absolutely incredible – thank you!!

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